TDM Electronics S.A.

ul. Spokojna 1, Rembertów
05-555 Tarczyn k. W-wy
Biuro +48 22 312 43 00
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+ 48 22 727 71 62



We provide comprehensive solutions in sourcing, processing and sales of telecommunication equipment (fixed-line and mobile)


We source telecommunication equipment from telecommunication services providers,  

telecommunications networks and other inventories in both fixed-line and mobile areas.


Our sourcing solutions ensure:

  • Reduction of operational costs (e.g. maintenance, storage)
  • Maximization of value generated from assets
  • Efficient stock management (including spare parts)



We offer various settlement systems, depending on our Partners’ needs and requirements, .e.g.:

  • Upfront payment  - based on the price agreed with the Partner
  • Profit share – share of profit from the project, based on agreed costs and income generated



We offer to our Customers wide range of equipment for fixed-line and mobile telecommunication. Among our customers are multiply telecommunication companies, network operators and service providers. They all can benefit from our hardware solutions, including:

  • Wide range of equipment available
  • Quality endurance, including ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 14001, ISO OHSAS 18001
  • Quick and efficient processes
  • Compliance with environmental and safety regulations



Leveraging our extensive experience in telecommunication solution we can offer to our Client comprehensive advisory services in telecommunication and network services.

Our service include among others:

  • Market entry strategy (competitive benchmarking, market conditions analysis)
  • Procurement approach, processes and tools
  • Equipment and spare parts stock management
  • Partnership building