TDM Electronics S.A.

ul. Spokojna 1, Rembertów
05-555 Tarczyn k. W-wy
Biuro +48 22 312 43 00
Sprzedaż i militaria:
+ 48 22 727 71 62



Range of activities

Business scope:

Purchasing, disposal and utilization of decommissioned military electronic equipment of all kind

Metal recovery from professional electronic equipment


Demilitarization services

On-site dismantling of purchased equipmet


Major projects:

LORAN-C two transmittion sites dismantled in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

American Radar Station dismantling and disposal in Belgium

Radio Monaco dismantling and disposal of radio transmittion site in France/Monaco

French Air Forces – one-year contract for demilitarization and disposal of surplus equipment in 2012, reneved in 2013

895 tons of mobile phone network equipment processed during 2013

72 fighters demilitarized and scrapped in Germany since 2012 (5 contracts)

Sattelite Communication System Site dismantling and disposal for Brithish MoD in Germany