TDM Electronics S.A.

ul. Spokojna 1, Rembertów
05-555 Tarczyn k. W-wy
Biuro +48 22 312 43 00
Sprzedaż i militaria:
+ 48 22 727 71 62



Since 2006 TDM Electronics has been professionally engaged in demilitarization, re-sale and utilization of surplus military stocks disposed by European Ministries of Defence

as well as civilian professional communication equipment and infrastructure.

We operate flexibly, effectively and in compliance with Polish and European law, with particular consideration of European standards of environmental protection.

We are licensed by Minister of the Interior to pursue business in the area of manufacturing and trading in the products for military or police purposes.


We would like to became a main business partner in:

utilization and demilitarization of disposed military electronic materials,

metal recovery from civil professional telecommunication, electric and automatic networks



Facilities and infrastructure: